Bud’s Rhyming Words (Spelling activities for 8-9-10-11-12 yr olds)

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Characteristics of the app:

Learn vocabulary and spelling with some rhyming family words activities.



Bud’s Rhyming Words by Nimble Minds LLC

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Children who are studying how to spell basic English words should rush to download this app. The app divides the vocabulary in 39 groups of rhyming words.

There are three kind of activities to learn how to write correctly 225 words:

In the first activity a child learns the vocabulary and associates the groups of words with images.

Rhyming-words-4     Rhyming-words-3

In the second activity Bud (the only character in the app) has to find the rhyming words. In fact, he has to fish them, but how? The child should press on the up and down arrow keys that move Bud up and down the sea to help him reach the correct words with his hand.


In the third activity Bud has to find a picture that rhymes with a word. The child should have done the previous activities and know well what word represents each picture to be able to do this last activity correctly and easily.


Teachers can recommend this app to children in order to learn on their own since the app corrects the mistakes that the child may make and gives the correct pronunciation of every word.

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