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Christmas Hangman Deluxe (Guess the word game for 10, 11, 12 yr olds)

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Characteristics of the app:

Play hangman and a guessing game with each word, a challenging app indeed.






By Ahead Solutions

If you think that Hangman is an educational game, this version of the game goes a step further because of a unique feature. The player has the option of getting a definition of the hidden word before starting to play. This is very helpful to guess the word and to learn the vocabulary and its meaning.

The app offers different levels that differ on the length of the words.

Level 1 Long words (7-8 letters)

Level 2 Medium words (5-6 letters)

Level 3 Short words (3-4 letters)

Level 4 Thematic words (3-8 letters)

The player can only have access to the next level after completing the previous one and achieving a score of 100 points.

While playing, the child has other options that can help the child to guess the word:

-Get an additional attempt

-Get a valid letter

-Get a useless letter removed randomly from the alphabet

-Skip a word

In exchange for these helpful tips the player is going to lose some points from his score.

You are bound to learn a lot of new Christmas vocabulary and have a lot of excitement.




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