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English irregular verbs game (Tapping activity for 8-9-10-11-12 yr olds)

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Characteristics of the app:

Try to learn the irregular verbs with a game instead of a long list.






English Irregular Verbs Game by CosmoLapti

Only children who have a good memory and especially good visual memory can learn the spelling of irregular verbs in no time. Those who do not have this ability will have to practise some more. If we do not want them to get tired parents and teachers can introduce in their study routine this type of activity.

In this app the child needs to complete 20 levels where eye and hand coordination is basic, needless to say some knowledge of the irregular verbs is necessary too.

irregular 2 pngOn each level he has to tap on floating balloons showing the past and past participle form of 5 different verbs. The child has to keep an eye at the verb at the bottom of the screen and only tap on the past and past participle forms of this verb before they disappear from the screen. If he taps on an incorrect verb form he loses a life. If he loses three lives he has to restart the level regardless of the number of points he had achieved. If he reaches 30 points he can have access to the next level and practise with five more irregular verbs.

I would recommend that children who need some concentration use this activity individually to make the most of it. It would be better to use the activity in pairs or in grups for fun or as a refresher.





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