Finger Twister (Game for 6-7-8-9-10-11-12 yr olds)

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Play Twister…with your fingers to revise the finger names



Finger Twister by Somnium Games

Have you ever played Twister? Teachers know it is a great tool to teach right and left and the colours. This new version is a must in order to revise the names of the fingers.


Though the game offers the possibility to play individually, I only recommend playing this game in pairs and in a group of three players because you can only practise the name of the fingers in these two playing modes.

The game is simple and the vocabulary easy to learn, but it is suitable for 6-year-old or older children as some fine motor skills are required. Give it a try with younger ages but they may get frustrated if they are not able to place the fingers correctly without moving them.  If the child is a pianist, he will do great!!!



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