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Free Christmas Puzzle for Kids (Puzzles for 2, 3 year olds)

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Teach your child to make his first puzzles while he learns his first Christmas words,



Characteristics of the app






By Abuzz D.O.O.

Toddlers are invited to complete up to 30 puzzles  and to learn up to 30 words.

It is an attractive activity for toddlers and preschoolers since they can complete each puzzle easily in no time by dragging and dropping the pieces of the image in the outline of the complete image. Therefore, it is a good practice for their visual perception of shapes.

The good point of this Christmas Puzzle is that children can also learn some basic vocabulary about Christmas objects and characters. Very young children can hear the name of each image, whereas older children can read them too.

This could be a fabulous app to introduce a toddler into the world of apps.


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