Kids shape puzzle saga (Activity for 2-3-4-5 yr olds)

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Characteristics of the app:

Learn the shapes by building them.






Kids Shape Puzzle Saga by Agnitus

Children are invited  to identify from very simple shapes, like squares and triangles, to more complex ones, like octagons and stars.

Kids-shape-puzzle-saga-1To help children memorize the outline of each shape, they drag little shapes into the larger ones where they fit, as you can see in the image on the left. Therefore, they actually build the larger shapes themselves.

The activity can be used individually, unless children are too young and they hardly know how to use a tablet or mobile. The app gives them oral instructions and writes the name of the shape once it is built. If children use the app with a parent or a teacher, they can encourage kids to identify the names and colours and sizes of the shapes they are going to use to build the larger shape.

It is important to go through all the shapes with the sound on for a few times. But once kids have heard several times the names of the shapes,  a parent or a teacher can turn the sound off and they can go together through all the activities on the app to check if they have acquired the concepts.






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