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Nighty Night (Bedtime story for 2-3 yr olds)

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A nice bedtime story where the children have to interact with the images to show them the way to bed.






Nighty Night by Fox and Sheep by GmbH

How difficult is it for educators and parents to convince children to go to sleep? It is important to do it in a relaxed way. By reading this story, children are invited to go to bed after turning off all the lights from the story. Everybody and every animal on the farm is falling asleep, but they need the reader to switch off the lights in the kennel, in the barn, in the pond…

The story teaches children a daily routine and the names of the animals on the farm. It is possible to read the same story a second time with different animals. Even a third time with the voice of the narrator off, allowing the parent or educator to tell the story himself.

Do not forget to turn off the lights of the room before or after reading the story!


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