Our world (Activities to learn about nature for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 yr olds)

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Characteristics of the app:

An app with short animations about how the world works and some interactive activities to learn how to be ecological.






Our World by Tinytapps

This is one of those apps necessary to make children aware of the world they are living in. All the land features of the world and their uses are discovered by clicking on them and then children are shown how they are daily connected to the elements of nature. They learn that it is basic to take care of the world because they depend on it for most of their daily activities.

There are three main areas where the child can watch and learn about the world:

Our world          Uses            Pollution

They all offer animated images where the child can hear a simple explanation of each land feature (river, lake, mountain…), of how we use the water, the land and the air at work or at home and of what actions pollute nature.

In order to practise and learn more about the environment, the app includes some interactive activities like:

  • a quiz to test the kids knowledge about the world.
  • a colouring activity with educational images.
  • a sorting activity to teach kids how to recycle.



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