The Witch’s Apprentice (Halloween story for 4-5-6-7-8-9 yr olds)

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Be the first to know how little girls become witches, an inside story.






The Witch’s Apprentice by Playtales Books

This story is a manual about every witch abilities.

First the child can read the autoplay version of the story and watch all the tricks that the witch can do. Next he has the option to read the story by himself, or the narrator can read it. But this time the child is able to do the same tricks that the witch has done by playing with the images himself. He can create incredible monsters, turn the cat into different objects, help witches to fly… and he should  have a mirror at hand to read some of the pages!

The childish and terrifying images are one of the strong points of the app. They help the reader to feel comfortable when visiting the world of a little witch, however, he soon realises that he has become as mischievous as the witch by participating in her spells.

The story starts with an important statement: WHEN I GROW UP I WANT TO BE A WITCH. By the time the child reaches the end of the book, he will discover if he shares her wish.


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