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This Is My Story (And I’m Sticking To It) (Story creator for 2-3-4-5-6-7 yr olds)

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Characteristics of the app:

A complete app to teach children to build their first sentences by creating a story.






By Gramercy Consultant

By using this app writing a book is effortless for children who are starting to put up their first writing stories.

They not only build sentences, but they also learn to read a lot of vocabulary that they can add to the sentence. The vocabulary introduced can be added to the sentences provided and children can drag the individual words from a menu located at the bottom of the page to the book.

Children add the pictures (and its word) to a sentence structure where the subject and the object are missing.



All the sentences put together make up a funny story that the child has built himself. The story can be heard after creating it or can be saved to be read later.

There is a less challenging story creator activity where kids see the outline of the object. The children have to drag this object and place it on its outline to complete the sentence.


The different vocabulary, settings and sentence templates offer the possibility to create lots of stories.

The last activity can be useful for teachers since they can ask their pupils to choose a setting and decorate it with the different stickers and make them describe it. The picture can be saved, too.




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