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Toca Kitchen 2 (Cooking practice for 4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12 yr olds)

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Characteristics of the app:

Learn to cook and do not mess too much with this app.






Toca Kitchen 2 by Toca Boca AB

This app does not use any English, even though, I recommend it specifically for English teachers.  This app is the best cooking pot for the ones who want to teach some culinary terms in their classes,

The player does his best to cook a meal for a very demanding guest who shows through facial expressions if he likes or dislikes the dish that the player is preparing. The cooking procedure is simple, like in real life. First, the fridge offers a wide range of ingredients that the pupil can drag to the table.

Toca Kitchen 2 (4)

Then, time comes to either squeeze, boil, fry, bake or cut the food.

Toca Kitchen 2 (6)

There is a menu with all kinds of seasonings to add to the ingredients.

Toca Kitchen 2 (3)

It is time to eat the fried lettuce with spicy boiled bread. The resulting dish may not always be tasty because children like trying impossible mixtures.

Teachers have some options to use this app with students of different ages:

  1. Teachers can ask their students to write a recipe and prepare it with the app.
  2. The teacher can prepare a dish virtually and next ask his students to describe what he just cooked.
  3. One by one the children can give oral instructions to a player who should prepare a dish with the app.
  4. The teacher can introduce the food vocabulary to the little ones. It is fun seeing the reactions of the guest on the app when he sees the ingredients or he tastes them. The teacher can use them to invite the pupils to speak about what they eat willingly or unwillingly.
  5. The teacher can bring real food to the class and try to cook a dish after showing the recipe with  the app.
  6. The teacher can ask the children to cook the food. Then, the teacher can ask “For how long have you boiled the potato?”
  7. The children can use the expression “I prefer eating a boiled potato with ketchup” in order to learn the different seasonings.
  8. One student can pretend to be the waiter/cook and ask: “Would you like some lettuce? We have fried pepper with baked pear on the menu. What kind of seasoning would you like to add? It will take 5 minutes to prepare it. “
  9. The teacher can organise a competition and ask students: “What do you think the girl would like to eat?”  Check who guessed it by placing the food on the plate and seeing the character’s reaction.
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