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Up to 100 (Activities with numbers for 2-3-4-5-6-7 yr olds)

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Characteristics of the app:

Very young children can now learn the numbers through a set of comprehensible activities.






Up to 100 by Marbotic

An outstanding app inspired by the Montessori educational methodology. Never counting up to 100 was so easy for children who are learning numbers. The goal of the app is to teach the correspondence of numbers with units and numbers with words.

Parents can customize the app to the needs and age of their children. They can adjust the range of numbers that the child needs to practise with or the type of writing of the letters. There are some other optional parts of the screen like seeing the numbers in letters, the numerical bar, the numbers slide, the beads in color that parents can also modify.

The app has two main areas with two kind of activities, in each one you get 3 different challenges with 3 levels of difficulty.

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The first area invites the child to create numbers with digits. The result is associated automatically to its pronunciation and is written out.

Up to 100

The second area helps the child to associate the numbers with beads. He will have to drag to a board the number of beads in teens and in units until he reaches a given number.

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There are countless reasons to use the app but I would recommend you use it and count the reasons by yourself…for sure more than 100.


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