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Where’s Mommy (Bingo for 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 yr olds)

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Characteristics of the app:

Seek-and-find game that you can customize with your own photos and audios.


The title of the app is “Where’s Mommy” but it could be called “Where’s Anything” because this app offers the possibility to teach an infinity of vocabulary as long you can take a picture of it  The game is simple. Children see a grid of images and they are supposed to touch the correct image when a voice names it. If children are too young parents and teachers can take pictures of objects and record and audio to describe the picture. It is even more exciting if children get involved in the process of creating the new grid and recording their own voices.  Once the grid is ready children can play on their own or in pairs racing to be the first to touch the correct image. It can be a great activity in a class every time a teacher wants to revise the vocabulary at the end of a lesson. Moreover, pupils can acquire the vocabulary faster if they prepare the grid.


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